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As an artist/designer I am heavily influenced by modern architecture and surrealist photorealism in 3D renders. The clean, pale architectural scene is inspired by Luis Barragan's emotional architecture and reflects my love for minimalism. 

In this Intro to VR course I am hoping to explore more about the topic of utopias vs dystopias and escapism, so for the first project I created a landscape inspired by  the age-old desire to create utopias, found in both architecture and virtual reality, and what lies behind the search for idealism. 

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Really beautiful work here. I enjoy the use of 3 dimensional space and how moving around frames a new picture and way of seeing this world. Strong use of installation tactics and good use of restraint and minimalism, which can be a challenge in the hyper-everything world of game engines. The doorways and gold accents become a guiding light through this scene and pools me from one room to the next in a tight circle. The use of water makes everything feel endless, serene, and in total I'm feeling like I am somewhere between an idealistic space and a peaceful nihilism. It's a really interesting tension. I think the Modernist and Brutalist vibes are pushing me towards that , while the color palettes reminds me of various ancient ideas of heavens.

Technical/Design Notes: 

You have your old project and new one packaged on top of each other, you'll want to go in and delete the files for the old one and re=upload or if that's too risky, just repackage the new one and upload.

There is some z fighting in the water of your scene. This can be solved by pushing the plane down just slightly.

I think because of the capabilities of the engine, you could have actually extended the water plane seemingly indefinitely. The drop off somewhat breaks from immersion and fantasy of the scene.


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